this is

written by his other half, meg.

The first thing I have to say about Jake is that he is a family man. He’s a wonderful, devoted husband and father of our three beautiful children. He’s fiery and passionate and squeezes out all he can from life. From the moment he wakes up early in the morning until his head hits his pillow at night, he endeavours to make every moment count. He lives his life from a place of deep conviction and his values influence every area of his life, as you can see from how he’s spent the last couple of years. He tells it like it is, and loves a good laugh – your time together won’t be short on jokes, that’s for sure!

I don’t need to say anything about his gift for taking incredible photographs, as they speak for themselves. But one of the things I really admire about Jake’s attitude towards his work is that he genuinely understands how important a wedding day is, and he’s a big advocate for marriage and family. I know he approaches everything he does on the day in a way that will help make it a special and memorable time. And I also know that he works hard to hand over photos that you will love, as I’ve witnessed the countless hours he’s spent editing and going over images.


this is

written by her other half, jake

As a photographer, I have seen numerous breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. I find the best ones are those sunrises/sunsets when you experience the awe with someone. I believe that there is something within us that enjoys, just that little extra, those special moments we have in life when we are with a friend. Well, that's what this photography journey has been like. I started it on my own way back in 2002 but it went to another level when I met my wife Meg. Since we have been married she has been heavily involved and it’s been an amazing wild ride. We have travelled to multiple countries together and our family has lived in 4 different countries together. Having a wife who is a best friend is kick ass. Life is a wild ride of ups and downs but when you have someone to lean on, someone to prop you up and someone who can give you a pep talk, you can go further than what you thought was possible. We have been married for over 14 years! The journey has been special and I love this woman more today than the day we had our wedding. She carries a strength and a depth of empathy that I admire deeply. What a blessing it is to have such a friend and wife.


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Testimonials? I didn’t want to clog my site with curated raves from past couples. So why not hear from my Mum? Na, It's all good! I won’t subject you to an essay from my Mum on why she thinks my photography is awesome. But the reality is that you probably don’t know me from a can of paint. So if you do want to read some legit reviews, then feel free to head to my google page HERE and read some words from some of my previous awesome couples and families!

We are not the Macca’s of the photography world so my aim is not to bombard everyone with lots of superficial reasons why everyone needs to book us. I aim to collaborate with couples, families and people who are committed to something more, to something excellent. It’s a synergy of individual personalities with the purpose to create. If you do have questions feel free to contact me! I love chatting with people and talking shop so I would love to answer your questions in a personal way!

Since I started photography in about 2002 it's been my goal to push the boundaries. To create what I love and not be influenced by the status quo. The dinosaur logo is a reminder for me to live boldly, to try and see things and situations in a unique way. To be different, and to be different takes sacrifice and courage. It's an ode to live life to the max and bring value to all people I have the privilege of meeting.

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