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I turned up to Hawkes Bay on the Thursday. It was dark, pouring with rain and did not look like clearing. The type of weather you don’t want to get out of bed for. The forecast for Friday was blue skies and sun but I didn’t believe it! I got myself mentally prepared for a wet and windy wedding day. But I am glad the weather is not determined by my faith because Friday was amazing. The total opposite to the day before. It was so cool to photograph these two in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay and I am so stoked that it was a day that fully let us appreciate the Hawkes Bay in all its glory.

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Rachel and Paul in some sweet evening light.

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In Bali you can pretty much do what you like when it comes to taking photos. So you can get as close as you like to the cliff face for the epic wide shot.

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There are windy days and then there is what we had on Waiheke Island on Saturday. It was blowing a gale. But it didn’t stop these two awesome people from having the best day ever. They were just amped on getting married and being together. It’s what it’s all about.

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To Waiuku on Friday for Jake and Kaysie’s wedding. A day of good laughs, great people and some beautiful weather.

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A frame from Paul and Rachel’s wedding in Tauranga on the weekend. I love getting to know new people and Rach and Paul are two people I am stoked to know. Straight up good people!

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If you went to the gym everyday, you would feel awesome & healthy. But it takes commitment and dedication. It’s a bit like the way I see family. It takes commitment. The more you put in the more you love it. I love these guys so much and we don’t always get on like a house on fire but they are always there. Ready to lend a hand, ready to give you that encouraging word when you need  ‘to do one more set’.



The Hunter Valley hills. These guys had their Grandmas as flower girls. It was the coolest._DSC0179-2 blog

It was up to Auckland this weekend to photograph Mel and Jo. A straight up awesome day. A madly in love couple, with friends and family that partied like it was the end of days.

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A rising tide lifts all boats. As a creative you want to push yourself, you want to grow and you want to see yourself produce the best possible art you can. I have learnt that doing what you love is better with others. You grow together and there comes a joy from seeing your friends grow and achieve their dreams. Rachel Brown and Emily Adamson created something that your soul needs. A platform where egos, jealousy and walls are stripped back. Friendships and bonds are formed. Like an elastic band you are stretched, pulled apart but it was meant to be. And after 4 days you are ready to sail, with your fleet, into greater adventures.


After a full month of travelling around I came back home to photograph the wedding of these two beautiful people. It was the icing on the cake of one busy but fun month.

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After Friday’s wedding I headed down to Sydney to photograph these guys. You cant help but have a great day when you get to photograph two best friends marry each other on a mega Spring day in Australia.

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This week I flew back from Bali into Oz to photograph this awesome couple. A few days prior to the wedding the Newcastle bush fire’s got pretty close to where these guys married. It being so close we just had to make use of the beautiful colours and light.

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