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Micro-moments. I love them and weddings are full of them. It is so cool to be able to look back at photos and see that perfect moment. That moment when a bride and groom glance at each other and then boom, the explosion of love. But its not only reserved for the couple. Its seen in Dad and daughter, the nervous anticipation before the ceremony, laughter between your friends as everyone prepares for ‘THE’ big ceremony. On a wedding day its everywhere, I count it an honour to be there, to do everything I can do to freeze those moments in time.


I live in the the beautiful small country town of Waihi. Drew and Anna married at Waihi Beach and its not often I get to photograph in my ‘backyard’ so needless to say I was pumped! We travelled around to some of the cool spots of my hood, places I love and have been amped to shoot at for ages. Due to their crazy work commitments Drew and Anna had to spend the year prior to their wedding across the globe from each other. It was so special to be part of their day and photograph these two crazy in love human beings.


I feel so lucky that my photography takes me to some really crazy places. Places that I know that I would never go on my own choice. In October I was back in Bali to photograph one fun wedding. One thing I make sure I do when I travel is to have my camera with me at all times. It’s always over my shoulder. Its a habit that I have come to love. These are some of my shots from the days when I am not shooting weddings.




Man this job takes me to some of the coolest places. Did you know that Nasby has the biggest curling rink in the Southern Hemisphere? Naseby also pretty much has no mobile signal or 3G which was bizarre. So being in Nasby gave me a real good chance to chill out and to soak in the heritage of an area that once thrived on gold fever. Richard and Kate married at Danseys Pass, it was good times to the max and these people partied. It was so cool to photograph at this place! My brain was at creative brain explosion at the amount of cool landscapes and photography opportunities that Danseys Pass and Naseby had to offer. I cant wait to get back there sometime!




David and Julie married in the Waitakere Ranges on a beautful Autumns day. The couple were high school sweethearts. It was real special to see and hear how their love for each other has blossomed over the years.



I photographed Kylie’s brothers wedding in Australia about 5 years ago. So I was super stoked that Kylie still remembered me and wanted me to photograph her wedding in Koh Samui this year. It was such an honour! One of my favourite things about photographing overseas is time. People make time for an overseas wedding. It was such a pleasure to hangout with and spend time with Kylie, Nicko and there group of family and friends. Talking, getting to know them and soaking up the beautful atmosphere that is Koh Samui. A time that I will never forget.




I had the amazing opportunity to photograph a wedding on Rottnest Island which is off the coast of Western Australia. A seriously unique place without comparison. The beauty of this place only emphasised by the passion the couple had for this destination. The location. The couple. I am sold on Rottnest Island.


Queenstown does not  disappoint. My first wedding in Queenstown and it was such an amazing experience. I wasn’t able to stay long but I left feeling inspired by the beauty of nature.


I co-shot a wedding with my great friend Mike from Mike Hill Photography. John and Liz’s wedding was a beautiful intimate wedding. 30 people, New Years Eve, on Papamoa Beach, at their home, family and friends. It was a super fun party with huge amounts of love and friendship.



A beautiful wedding on a family farm that has been past down through the generations. So much rich history that fitted perfectly with this wedding celebration.



Dan and Relle’s wedding was awesome! Best friends getting married with a cool love story that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Dan needs dental work and at the dentist is blown away by the dental assistant. The dental assistant has a policy she won’t date patients. The photos below show that persistence pays. It was an all round great day and I love photographing two people super pumped to be getting married and starting the next chapter in their lives.



Family is awesome. It has to be one of the most important and coolest things in the world. One of my favourite thing to do is to take photos of my family and document life as it goes on. Unfortunately in today hectic schedule of life these photos never really see the light of day – in print I mean. Being a photographer I have the best intentions to print the images and have these photos all over my house. But I have come to terms with reality and even though I will eventually print some the fact is I won’t print many and it will always take me ages to get around to it. With that all in mind I have decided to start this blog post. For me its the next best thing. When my kids are old enough they will be able to check out this never ending post which will be full of images of life and family. Although I would rather have an album of these images to me this is the next best thing!! It excites me and will be an adventure of images that my family and kids will be able to look through for the years to come!








25.12.2013 – Xmas Time 2013.




Last year was the first time in my 15 years of doing photography that I officially started entering photographic competitions. For me its taken a lot of courage and a whole lot of pushing through fears to start entering my photography to be judged. I think its a huge fear of all photographers, to put your work in front of someone to be judged. For someone to tell you of all of the flaws your images may have.  My guess is that its probably the same in most creative fields, which is nice to know. But after getting over those initial fears I have realised that entering competitions has pushed me and made me want to better myself and my craft. Last night at the Waikato/B.O.P Christmas party and awards night I was super stoked to take out the Waikato/B.O.P Photographer of the Year! Not only that I was also awarded Waikato/B.O.P Highest Awarded Image at the NZ National Photography Awards! All a great early Christmas present!


Due to crazy work commitments these two had to spend the year apart before their wedding day. Their love story pretty amazing! Watching these two connect on their wedding day was special and it reminded me that relationships and love is the most important thing in the world.


I turned up to Hawkes Bay on the Thursday. It was dark, pouring with rain and did not look like clearing. The type of weather you don’t want to get out of bed for. The forecast for Friday was blue skies and sun but I didn’t believe it! I got myself mentally prepared for a wet and windy wedding day. But I am glad the weather is not determined by my faith because Friday was amazing. The total opposite to the day before. It was so cool to photograph these two in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay and I am so stoked that it was a day that fully let us appreciate the Hawkes Bay in all its glory.

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