August 19, 2015

NZ Photographer of the Year – Finalist

There is always a lot of controversy that surrounds photography awards. I probably think its because art/photography is subjective. And everyone has their opinion. So even to enter awards has its own controversy. At the end of the day I don’t really mind what people think, I enter the awards because I love the process. The way it makes me look at my own work and ask myself how can I get better, how can I produce epic art!? So when its time for the images to be judged, I was not too fussed on it all, but it’s always nice to win or to do well. This year at Iris (the NZ national photography awards) I was very fortunate to have been a finalist in the Wedding Classic category (Classic refers to the fact that you are not allowed to ‘photoshop images’ basically only using darkroom techniques). What was even more of a shock was that I was also a finalist to be Photographer of the Year. So over the 1100 images entered I was in the top three highest scorers. All in all, I don’t place a whole lot of importance on awards, but it feels good to do well.