Nancy & David, California, U.S.A

Sometimes your passion can take you to some real cool places. Heading to Cali to photograph David & Nancy’s wedding was just magic. On top of it all, the light was just pinging. The wedding was in Malibu and was different, a lot like my hair cuts. We hung out in the morning of the wedding day, went and took some shots in some sick bushland. Than David and Nancy made a grand entrance lead by some trumpet players into their wedding. The couple chilled with guests, had a mean feed and then the announcement was made for the ceremony to begin. The ceremony at dusk! Which again was just awesome and meant mega light. After the ceremony, congratulations were in order, followed by more epic food. Everyone partied hard, as you should on a wedding day. Then sadly the night ended and also did one of the coolest perks of my ‘hobby’. But all is good, because it’s now immortalised on my blog and like Facebook it didn’t happen until you post it.

Enjoy! (p.s the fist bunch of photos are from a little e-shoot I did with David and Nancy in some of that pinging light)