Christchurch To Nelson

For me, traveling is a double edged sword. I get to see some awesome parts of New Zealand but I miss my family like hell, I miss my kids and wife like crazy. On the positive side, with traveling I get to go crazy photographing things I have never really seen before.

So I was in Australia and I had a wedding in Nelson on Saturday the 9th. I thought it would be an awesome idea to fly into Christchurch and drive my way to Nelson. One of the coolest parts of this idea is that a good friend of mine and awesome photographer Emily Adamson just so happened to be in Christchurch at the time, so she joined me in my journey. All my road trips take longer than they should and this trip was no different.

The scenery is amazing and below are some of the photos from the trip. Probably my favorite and funniest part of this trip was when were cruising along some road in Nelson and out of the corner of her eye Emily spots this epic old house, a photographers dream, textures, colours, the lot. Did a u-turn, went back, took some shots, we were so proud of ourselves thinking we were the coolest and most artistic photographers going around. With heads held high we went to catch up with local photographer Rachael Brown. During our hang out Rachel casually mentions to us ”whatever you do don’t go take photos at the old house in the random paddock, everyone goes there and it is sooo cliche”. Haha we had a good ole laugh at ourselves.