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So I have been doing photography for a while, from back in the day when we shot film – medium format was hip so that’s what I shot. I started my photography business at the time when wedding photographers were all over 40 (well 30 but they all acted 40). I was 21 when I started my business and they all laughed at me… and I understand now because I laugh at me back then! I was naive, full of confidence and decided to have a go.

Things went well, I built a good reputation, and about 6 years after I started up on my own, we (my wife and I) decided we needed to expand. We hired a big studio space in the city of Newcastle, with the best intentions and dreams to build a creative space – a place where cool photographers could hang and learn from each other. I started to train my assistants to photograph weddings and we started to grow. It all seemed awesome and going to plan. However it wasn’t me and I had a sense it was time for something different. Time for a seachange. New Zealand it was. My wife is a kiwi and it seemed like a smart decision. We (now my wife plus a beautiful little girl and one more on the way) finished all the weddings we had to, tied up all the loose ends and ventured into unknown territory (well for me anyways), New Zealand.

What happened during this time was that my passion for photography grew and went to a new level. The new move brought a new and fresh perspective. Two and a half years on in NZ and here we are. I love it. I love it more than I did when I first started and being married and having kids has given me a whole new perspective on marriage and how much fun and important weddings can be.

I love photography and I love weddings. But what is more important than how I got here is the reason behind it all – my wife and my kids. They are awesome and I could write an essay about them. Their love and support drives me. They make me happy!

When I photograph a wedding I feel like I get a slight insight into a couple’s lives. So I want to share with you some photos of my cool little family so that you can have a little insight into my world. Thanks for reading!